Nomadscape is a blog by Antoine Nivard. His posts explore mobility in all of its forms.


Nomadism (Noun; ˈnəʊmadɪz(ə)m) is a lifestyle adapted to infertile regions such as steppe, tundra, or ice and sand, where mobility is the most efficient strategy for exploiting scarce resources.

Is the true sense of nomadism about the full potential of mobility?

We live in an unprecedented era in human history where, for the first time, ubiquitous mobile interconnectivity redefines how we experience the world. A world where we're all much closer but also where we're all more conscious of what divides us.

Social mobility (not equality) has been the backbone of the American Dream although it's not clear whether it's improved in the last 25 years, amid widening inequalities and social barriers. Will technological change enable stronger social mobility? How will breakthrough in artificial intelligence and automation affect social progress? Will genomics enable us to improve human life to cure all diseases and engineer long term health?

Free circulation of people is also foundational to thriving economies. However, only a tiny global financial elite can call it a reality. Is technology likely to empower governments to build more walls and surveillance systems or will it help making borders irrelevant? Will Virtual Reality reinvent our notion of physical presence? Will autonomous vehicles blur the lines between what's the office and what's the commute?

At a time the world is waking up to the return of isolationism and a growing reject of globalization, technological breakthrough are redefining our potential collective futures. I believe the next transformational technologies will be rooted in their ability to enable or leverage mobility - the most efficient way to exploit scarce resources.

This blog is about mobility in all of its forms and about the open possibilities of mobility in the digital age.